Tesla includes Model Y Track Mode with early release of their 2022 holiday update [2022.44.25 & 2022.44.25.1]

Tesla has started deploying their 2022 holiday update to owners much earlier than usual. The 2022.44.25 software update has started appearing on cars in Canada and around the world, and it includes some features that we haven’t heard about yet.

One of the first reported instances of the 2022.44.25 software update appearing was on James Locke’s car in Hay River, Northwest Territories. Several other owners in the US and Europe also reported receiving the update around the same time.

According to Locke’s release notes, which can now be accessed through the mobile app before the update is even downloaded, all of the features we were expecting are included like Apple Music (but without Dolby Atmos support for now), myQ support, the ability to use the interior camera with Dog Mode and Sentry Mode, and much more (you can read more details here.)

There was also a new game added – Mahjong.

Since Locke’s car is a Standard Range Plus (SR+) and does not have the new AMD Ryzen computer, his update doesn’t include Steam integration, but we are hoping that we will get confirmation of that soon from other owners.

It also did not include Zoom, and we have yet to see any reports of this feature being included in the holiday update.

UPDATE 11:58am PT: It appears as though only the refresh Model S/X will get Steam, as well as Bluetooth game controller support and Zoom. According to Teslascope there is a chance that newer Model 3/Y with the AMD chip could also get these features, but that has not been confirmed yet.

UPDATE 12:54pm PT: Here is a full list of features included in the holiday update, courtesy of Brad Je



While Steam hasn’t been confirmed yet, one of the surprises in the 2022 holiday update is Track Mode for Model Y Performance owners, a feature which Elon Musk has said will be coming to the Model Y for several years.

According to the release notes shared by @LasseTheDude on Twitter, Track Mode for the Model Y contains all of the same features as Track Mode for Tesla’s other vehicles like being able to record track data, monitoring the real time status of the motor, battery and brakes, as well as a g-meter.

So far the update is only appearing on cars that are not enrolled in the Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta program. It is unclear when the holiday update will be released for owners of these cars.

This is a developing story, keep checking back for updates…

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