Tesla working to add Dolby Atmos support through software update: Report


Tesla revealed last week at the Petersen Museum that they will soon be adding Apple Music to their cars, likely through the upcoming holiday software update.

The addition of Apple Music brought up the question of whether Tesla was also going to add Dolby Atmos support.

Dolby Atmos is a surround sound technology that adds height channels, allowing sounds to be interpreted as three-dimensional objects.

While Tesla’s release notes for Apple Music made no mention of Dolby Atmos, it looks like the feature will eventually come at some point. According to a report by BGR, Tesla has been working “for months” to add Dolby Atmos into their cars.

Citing an anonymous source, the report claims Tesla has been working with major record labels in order to make it happen, and that when it rolls out it will be available for “over 1 million” Tesla vehicles.

Currently the only other music streaming services than Apple Music which support Dolby Atmos are Amazon Music Unlimited and TIDAL, with the latter already available in Tesla vehicles with high fidelity sound.

The report does not state whether Dolby Atmos will roll out at the same time as Apple Music, which if it is included with the holiday update, will deploy a day or two before Christmas day based on previous rollouts of the special update.

If it does, Tesla won’t be the first automaker to support Dolby Atmos. Last year Lucid included it in their vehicles, and Volvo and Mercedes-Benz also already have it in some of the vehicles, and plan to add it more in the future.

Apple Music coming soon to Tesla vehicles [Update]

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