Apple Music coming soon to Tesla vehicles [Update]

After years of pleas and requests from owners, it looks like Tesla is finally going to be adding Apple Music to their vehicles.

The information comes from Tesla themselves, who purposefully hid an easter egg in one of their vehicles on display at the Petersen Automotive Museum.

One of the attendees at the event, which just opened to the public today, Aaron Cash discovered the Apple Music app in a Model S display with a developer software version of 2022.40.50.

While he wasn’t able to stream anything from Apple Music, there was a screen with a QR code asking the user to sign in with their Apple Music account.

Tesla is famous for their easter eggs, and an employee confirmed with Teslascope that this was intentionally added to the display vehicle to be discovered by fans.

The employee also said Apple Music is coming either with the Holiday Update, or slightly before.

UPDATE 3:20pm PT: Raj (@tesla_raj), who has been relentless in his quest for getting Apple Music added, has also confirmed it with a source who was able to provide him with the release notes.

The history of Apple Music possibly coming to Tesla vehicles has been a long one. Several years ago hacker @greentheonly found evidence of the popular music streaming service, along with TIDAL, in the source code.

TIDAL eventually became a reality, but there has been no more evidence that Apple Music was close to being included in a software update.

Earlier this year green revealed that the code had since disappeared, and it looked like a partnership between Tesla and Apple Music was never going to happen.

Now it looks like Tesla has a nice Christmas gift coming for many owners.

Are you excited about Apple Music coming to Tesla? Let us know in the comments below.

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