First look at Tesla’s myQ WiFi garage door opener integration, and the cost

Tesla’s 2022 holiday software update looks like it is going to be packed with new features, one of which is the long-awaited support for WiFi garage door openers. Thanks to a blunder by Chamberlain we have our first look at how the system will work on Tesla vehicles, and how much it will cost you.

According to the myQ Connected Garage + Tesla support page that has since been removed from the Chamberlain website, Tesla owners will simply need to download the myQ mobile app, create an account and then connect it to your Tesla through a QR code generated on the in-car display.

For owners that already have a myQ account, your garage door openers will automatically sync to your vehicle when you sign up (here is a list of supported garage door openers). (h/t: @teslascope)

The now-deleted support page also shows you will be able to set up a geofence which will automatically open and close your garage door without the need to press any buttons, similar to Homelink.

Unfortunately, this convenience will still come at a cost, although it won’t be as expensive as Homelink.

Elon Musk first said support for WiFi garage door openers would be coming to Tesla vehicles back in 2020. At the time we said that depending on how this was going to be integrated, it could turn out to be a much cheaper solution than Homelink, the $480 CAD/$350 USD accessory that also automatically opens and closes your garage door.

While it will be cheaper, there will still be a fairly substantial cost.

According to Chamberlain Tesla owners will get a free 30-day trial, after which this feature will cost you $179 USD for a five year subscription. The cost of the required equipment will of course also be extra. This is US pricing and there was no mention of what the price would be for Canadians, but using a straight exchange that would work out to about $244 CAD.

This information is all based on a now deleted support page, so the terms and pricing could change before it is officially released. As for when that will be, based on a Chamberlain support agent, Tesla’s 2022 holiday software update could be coming on December 22.

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