Tesla mobile app update adds vehicle release notes and more

Tesla released a new version of their mobile app, bringing with it a feature that was first hinted at coming earlier this year – the ability to view vehicle software update release notes without having to actually go to your car.

We first reported on this feature coming to the mobile app back in March when it was first detected in the source code of an app update. With the release of version 4.15.0 on Monday night it has finally been added into production.

If you are on FSD Beta (2022.36) you will have to wait a little longer as the app release notes indicate your vehicle also has to be on version 2022.40 or higher.

To access your current release notes scroll down to the bottom of the main screen in the app, where you will see ‘Release Notes’ underneath your software version. From there you will get detailed release notes, including images, for all the features included in that release.

Other updates with the new version of the mobile app include the ability to view your live camera from the main screen of the app when your Sentry Mode is already active. (note that a Premium Connectivity subscription is required for Live Sentry).

Once you are viewing your live stream there is also a new Sentry button in the top right corner which takes you to the Sentry controls screen.

One other interesting update that isn’t live yet is the addition of a new interior camera asset which seems to hint we will finally get access to views from the cabin camera located above the rear-view mirror.

We were expecting the view from this camera to be activated with the impending release of Zoom, but it looks like Tesla will be opening it up for more than just that use.

Hopefully this view is added to the Sentry Live Camera views so we can check on pets that have been left in the car with Pet Mode turned on.

If you notice any other new additions with this mobile app update, let us know in the comments below.

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