Full Self-Driving beta V10 rolls out [Videos]

Credit: Not A Tesla App

Although it was a little late, version 10 of the Full Self-Driving beta rolled out to users early this morning. According to initial reports, the new software appears to be making more intelligent and more confident decisions on city streets.

Some of the beta testers are reporting that the vehicle is now smoother in turns, roundabouts and merges, which is a good sign leading to the arrival of ‘the button’ and FSD’s eventual move out of beta.

In fact, it is so smooth and confident that it appears a Tesla powered by FSD Beta navigated San Francisco’s Lombardy Street without intervention!

Users also not the beta has improved visuals with no twitchiness. Although you can’t see stats on this, users are reporting that they have a better idea of what the car is seeing and, therefore, can trust it will make the right move.

Users will not see a difference on the highway, as the beta fixes some issues for non-highway driving. However, users may see a harmonized approach in the 10.1 release.

According to Musk, the V10.1 may become available as soon as a couple of weeks, which if things go well could also mean the arrival of the ‘FSD Button’ for regular Tesla owners.


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