Tesla Korea shares details of upcoming 2022.44.25 holiday update [Release Notes]

It is almost that time of year when Tesla releases their holiday software update packed with new features for owners. There have been several leaks about some of the features that will be included, but Tesla Korea has now officially shared at least some of what is set to come with the update, including some features we haven’t heard about yet.

In a post on the Tesla Korea Official blog, the automaker confirms the holiday update will be version 2022.44.25, but it does not give a specific date for when it will be released.

Here’s a look at some of the features that Tesla Korea says will be in the release notes of this year’s holiday update. We say some because it does not mention several we know are coming or have been suggested they are like Apple Music, Zoom, Steam integration, and myQ WiFi garage door opener support.

Auto Turn Signals

According to Tesla Korea, your car will now automatically turn off the turn signal when a “lane change, branch or merge is complete.” We assume this is when the driver fully activates the turn signal, instead of the half press which only activates the turn signal for three flashes.

Interior Camera

After countless requests from owners, Tesla is activating the interior camera to be used with Dog Mode and Sentry Mode, allowing you to check on your pets and the interior your car from afar. Just like Live Sentry this feature will require a Premium Connectivity subscription, and mobile app version 4.15.0 or later.

Media Controls

We have heard rumours that Tesla was going to allow customization of the media controls, and Tesla Korea has confirmed it. The location of the media controls has been moved closer to the driver’s seat for easier operation by the driver. Along with the new location, you can now also swipe up on the controls to access your favourites, recents, and sources.

Another addition that will make some longtime owners happy is the return of cards. Swiping left or right on the controls will also allow you to view your odometer and tire pressures.

Navigation Improvements

According to Tesla Korea the navigation will be changed to improve readability. This includes emphasizing the next movement making it easier to spot at a glance. To go along with that the next turn and lane guidance prompts will stay in their current position at the top of the screen, while trip information like travel time and estimated charge will be moved to the bottom of the display.

Remote Emissions Mode

This one we have already heard about, but Tesla Korea confirms that you will be able to use your mobile app to activate emissions mode and fart at people passing by your car.

Rainbow Road

An old favourite, Rainbow Road, gets an update in 2022.44.25. If you (or your kids) really love the easter egg, it can now be set to always be turned on when you activate Autopilot.

Fan Speed Control

With the holiday update you will now be able to select the desired fan speed of either LO, MED, or HI while your HVAC is set to Auto.

Phone Improvements

Tesla Korea says that the car will now request confirmation of a call transfer to the vehicle, just in case you don’t want your passengers to hear your conversation. One other minor update is the ability to search for contacts directly from a connected Bluetooth device, although we’re unsure of how this is different from how it currently operates.

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