Elon Musk says ‘ok’ to Model Y Performance track mode (again)

Owners of the Tesla Model Y Performance will hopefully soon be able to download ‘Track Mode’ through a free over-the-air (OTA) software update after CEO Elon Musk said ‘ok’ to a request on Twitter to add it to the electric SUV.

We use the word hopefully because this is the second time Musk has said Track Mode will be coming to the Model Y, the first time happening over two years ago, also on Twitter.

Back on July 12, 2020 the president of Tesla Owners Silicon Valley, John, asked Musk two questions on Twitter. The first was asking “Can we get track mode for the Model Y?” followed up by a second question, “Is it possible?”

In true Musk fashion we got a one word response, “Yes.” Naturally we took the affirmative response to mean yes we can get the feature, but 27 months later and there has been no sign of it.

Over the weekend John asked Musk again if Track Mode can be added to the Model Y Performance. Giving a slightly different response this time, and one that might show why we haven’t seen it yet, Musk said “This is harder than it sounds, but ok.”, without elaborating on why it is more difficult.

Tesla added Track Mode V2 to the Model 3 in March 2020, at the same time adding a new Track Package to the online shop with 20″ Performance wheels. They have also since added it to the Model S Plaid.

The free OTA update gave owners the ability to see the g-force through corners, monitor the temperature of the tires, motors and battery pack. You can also track your acceleration and braking stats, and after your track session you can analyze your driving by reviewing video of your laps.

Track Mode doesn’t just allow to monitor new data, but you can also change the performance of the car by adjusting the balance to favour a full rear-wheel drive layout, how much traction control you want to enable, and how much regenerative braking the car has.

You can read more about Track Mode and all the different customizations you can make in the Owner’s Manual.


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