BMW dealerships create bizarre website to compare their brand and cars with Tesla

Tesla has been gaining in popularity at an ever increasing rate, especially over the last few years. The California-based (for now) automaker has seen particularly strong sales in their home state, where in 2020 the Model 3 took more than 41% of the “near-luxury” segment.

A perennial favourite in that segment, the BMW 3-Series came in a distant second with a little less than 11% of sales.

BMW dealers in California appear to be feeling the heat and have come up with a bizarre way to try and get their last remaining customers from making the switch to Tesla.

At least three California-based dealerships have created a website that compares their brand against Tesla, as well as putting some of their vehicles head-to-head against Tesla to see which one comes out on top. (h/t: @tesla4k)

SPOILER ALERT: the comparisons they make are truly bizarre.

When comparing the two brands, BMW of San Rafael says the automaker’s long history puts it above Tesla, which has a “lack of market experience.”

“BMW owners love our pristine sound systems, impeccable build quality, beautiful interior design, and exciting driving experience. We’re known for combining our sleek and modern designs with touches of history, ensuring that we never forget where we came from. Tesla on the other hand, is very new to the market. While they’re exciting to talk about since they’re so new, customers have found that this lack of market experience (began production in 2008) has led to an unpleasant outcome.”

Concord BMW, also in California and likely under the same ownership, has basically the same website where they go on to say BMW’s interactive tech features are more enjoyable than Tesla’s.

“Inside of a Tesla Model 3, you’ll find a 15-inch touchscreen display, and a17-inch display in a Model S. While this bigger screen seems to be favorable, it comes with a surprising lack of features.”

They also say a BMW 330i is a “noted competitor with the Model S” which is “more enjoyable to drive” because of its toxic fume spouting, fossil fuel burning engine.

“BMW’s are also more enjoyable to drive than a Tesla. Driving a Tesla has been compared to driving a spaceship, where with a BMW, you still feel like you’re driving the vehicle. There’s something special about hearing the purr of an engine and feeling the acceleration as the Turbocharged engine of a 3-series works its magic.”

Where it gets even more bizarre is on East Bay BMW, where they compare the all-electric compact i3 against the world’s best selling EV, the Model 3. And no, the image below doesn’t cut off the performance spec comparison between the two, they just left it out.

“What makes it stand out in comparison to the Tesla Model 3? For starters, its unique exterior design utilizes lightweight materials that marry safety and efficiency, while on the inside you’ll find a surprisingly spacious cabin with unique style notes like eucalyptus wood and olive leaf tanned leather.”

BMW i3 vs Model 3
Image via East Bay BMW

If you are up for some light reading and entertainment, you can visit each of the websites above for more thrilling descriptions and comparisons between the BMW i8 & Model S and X5 & Model X.

Notably missing from their comparisons is the Model Y, which is already outselling the Model 3 in California. BMW must have no answer for the electric SUV.

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