Tesla brings in mobile Superchargers and paves test road for upcoming Giga Fest County Fair test drives

Tesla is gearing up to host thousands of visitors at Giga Berlin this weekend for Giga Fest, a County Fair that will give locals an up close look at the new factory.

According to a website set up to allow people to pre-register for the event, attendees will be able to get a behind the scenes tour of the factory and also visit on-site booths with various activities to experience.

One of those activities is a ride-along in a Tesla Model Y. In preparation for the test drives, Tesla has paved a long straightaway to show off the acceleration of the Model Y.

According to a drone flyover of the factory on October 1 by @GF4Tesla, the new road is located on the west side of the factory next to the main building.

Giga Berlin straight
Image via @GF4Tesla /Twitter

To keep the cars running at full speed, Tesla has also brought in several mobile 150kW Superchargers. At least 6 of the Superchargers are seen at around 6:25 in the video.

Giga Berlin Supercharger
Image via @GF4Tesla /Twitter

Crews are working at a frantic pace to get ready for the event. A large section in front of the main building has been paved, likely to be used as a parking lot and gathering area for the event on Saturday.

The automaker was originally planning to host around 3,500 people, but applied last week for a waiver to increase the number of attendees up to 9,000.

You can check out the full video below.

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