Elon Musk says production beta Cybertruck is “incredible,” but when will we get to see it?

With production of the Tesla Cybertruck inching closer by the day, CEO Elon Musk has teased that the electric truck is “incredible,” after reviewing the beta production version this week. While Musk has seen what should be the production version, the more than 1.5 million reservation holders are still wondering when they will get the chance to lay eyes on their future truck.

The Cybertruck has been in the wings for a long time. Originally unveiled in 2019, it was supposed to enter production in late 2021, but supply chain issues and a global pandemic pushed those plans back several times. As of the most recent update from Tesla it should start production later this year and ramp up to mass production in 2024.

Over the years since it was unveiled, we have seen several iterations of the Cybertruck in which its design has been changed in a number of ways, but it has largely remained true to that of the original prototype. Some of the visual changes we have noticed are the massive monolithic wiper, the lack of door handles, and updates to the interior. There will also be more that won’t be visible to a passerby or even the naked eye, and some features that haven’t been announced yet, according to Tesla Chief Designer Franz von Holahausen, who spoke about the Cybertruck and more in a recent interview.

We were expecting to see the final version of the Cybertruck last year after Musk said the design was finalized in June, but there have been no new sightings of the beta versions in recent months. We don’t know when that will change, but Tesla does have its first ever Investor Day on March 1 at Giga Texas, where it could show off the production Cybertruck for the first time.

But the design isn’t the only unknown at this point. There is also the matter of the Cybertruck’s price, which will no doubt have changed from the original price list released in 2019. We know that Tesla has decided to eliminate the tri-motor version, and will start off production with a quad-motor variant that was only added to the lineup late in 2021.

When do you think Tesla will unveil the production version of the Cybertruck, or will it be leaked ahead of the official unveiling? Let us know in the comments below.

Musk has temporarily made his Twitter account private, so we can’t embed the tweet here, so here is a screenshot and link.


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