Tesla Cybertruck reservations surpass 1 million based on crowdsourced tracker

The Tesla Cybertruck was first revealed to the world on November 21, 2019. Even with its unique design, reservations for the all-electric pickup truck took off, with one Cybertruck reservation being placed every two second in the weeks after its launch.

While the pace of reservations has slowed down since then, interest in the Cybertruck is still strong. According to a crowdsourced reservations tracker, Tesla has a waitlist that is now more than 1,000,000 orders deep.

Cybertruck reservations

The tracking spreadsheet also keeps a tally of reservations by trim option. Add them all up and Tesla has more than $63 billion (with a b) in revenue coming their way over the next few years.

Obviously these numbers aren’t scientifically accurate. They are also likely overinflated thanks to people placing multiple reservations, many of which will be cancelled once production and deliveries begin. Like this guy in Florida with 300 of them on his account.

But even assuming a cancellation rate of 50%, which is on the high side, Tesla still has 500,000 orders for the Cybertruck. That equates to more than $30 billion in guaranteed revenue.

Want to know where you stand in line for the Cybertruck? You can do the math yourself – simply take your reservation number and subtract 112744100.

Let us know how to close the front of the line you are in the comments below.

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