Tesla Model S sets new winter driving range record in Norway

The Tesla Model S has set another record; the longest driving range in winter. According to media Norwegian outlet Motor.no, the electric sedan covered 530km (329 miles) on a single charge in winter.

EVs are known to suffer a drop in driving range in cold conditions, much like their internal combustion engine (ICE) counterparts. This is due to the chemistry of how lithium-ion batteries work. However, the Tesla Model S defies the odds as far as winter performance is concerned. It was the only EV among all the test candidates to last more than 450km (279 miles) under the cold conditions.

The previous record was 521km (321 miles), which was set by a Tesla Model 3 Long Range last year.

It is necessary to point out that the unit tested could only charge to 98% due to a technical reason. This means the car could have gone even further if it was fully charged to 100%.

The temperature hovered between -10 and -5 degrees Celsius. However, some of the cars reached the highest elevation on the test route, where temperatures dropped to -19 degree Celsius. The course took them through Oslo, Gjovik, Hjerkinn, Rondane, Venbygdsfjellet, and Ringebu.

The biggest loser was the Toyota bZ4X, which lost more than 35% driving range. It was followed by the Mercedes EQE 300. The Tesla Model S Standard lost only 16.4%.

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