What we learned about the Tesla Cybertruck from its appearance at the Cyber Rodeo

Tesla held their grand opening party for Giga Texas last week, hosting nearly 15,000 employees and fans at the Cyber Rodeo.

While the event was to inaugurate the new factory, which for now only produces the Model Y, the next vehicle to be added to the production line, the Cybertruck, was the star of the show.

There were two Cybertrucks on display at the event, and both revealed some new details about the highly-anticipated electric truck.

How The Cybertruck’s Doors Will Open With No Door Handles

We already knew the Cybertruck will come without door handles. During its appearance on stage at the Cyber Rodeo, we got our first look at how opening the doors might work.

In a video captured by Drive Tesla, Musk can be seen pressing an area on the b-pillar just above the door. This area has a small white “button”, which appears to be capacitive based on the footage, and from a close-up photo we took earlier in the day.


Auto-Opening and Soft Closing Doors

Before Musk and Franz von Holzhausen drove off stage in the Cybertruck, we got to see something interesting.

At several points during their talk, the front door of the Cybertruck could be seen automatically popping open, and then soft-closing after about 15 seconds.

Although we can’t be sure, it appears this feature might have been triggered by Musk’s proximity to the door, and when the door wasn’t opened after a preset amount of time, it closed itself.


Cybertruck Wiper

While there is only one (massive) wiper arm on the Cybertruck, there are actually two wiper blades. The two blades could be seen on one of the Cybertruck’s on display, meaning replacing them should be as easy as visiting your nearest Canadian Tire and buying two blades off the shelf.


Cybertruck Midgate and Rear Glass

According to our friends over at The Kilowatts, the Cybertruck’s rear glass drops down.

Not only that, but the Cybertruck’s midgate also drops down, allowing for easy access to the rear bed of the truck.

Unfortunately they weren’t allowed to take any photos of these features, as they were able to get up on the second floor and see the Cybertruck before they were supposed to. The area was quickly cleared and closed off until later that afternoon.


Rear Wheel Steering

We also already knew the Cybertruck was going to come with rear wheel steering, and we have already seen a video of it in action, but it was taken from a considerable distance and you could barely make out that the rear wheels turned at the same time as the front wheels.

While being prepped for the event, the feature was caught on camera in much more detail.

We should be seeing the Cybertruck hit the streets next year.

Musk confirmed during the Cyber Rodeo that production will begin in 2023, along with the Roadster and Semi.

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