Tesla Cybertruck gets upgrade to quad motor variant

Ahead of a planned update on the Cybertruck scheduled for the next quarterly earnings call in January, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has revealed a brand new variant of the electric truck.

In a tweet this morning, the CEO announced the Cybertruck will be available in a quad-motor configuration, adding that this variant will be the first one off the production line next year.

Musk also reaffirmed it will front and rear-wheel steering, giving the Cybertruck the ability to “drive diagonally like a crab.”

The change in configurations is the likely reason behind Tesla updating the reservation website last month to remove the selection between the single, dual, or tri-motor variants that have been on offer since the truck was unveiled in November 2019.

The two big questions following this announcement are what is the quad-motor Cybertruck going to cost, and if existing reservations will be allowed to upgrade to the new variant.

Musk answered both of those questions, saying the price will be announced on the next earnings call, and that existing reservations will be allowed to upgrade. He did not mention when that option will be added to accounts, but it will likely happen after the earnings call.

On that earnings call we will likely also get to see the final design of the Cybertruck. The most recent sighting at an airport runway showed the truck now has side mirrors, which Musk later confirmed are required for legal reasons, but will be easily removable.

We also learned earlier this week it will come with a yoke steering wheel, and might have steer-by-wire steering.

Elon Musk hints at steer-by-wire yoke steering in Cybertruck, confirms it will be a ‘tech bandwagon’

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