Tesla Cybertruck revealed: details, specs, range, price and more

The buildup to the event was like none other, and when the curtain finally dropped, Tesla and Elon Musk did not disappoint (well, except for that one mishap). Here are some of the key details from the livestream event.


Leading up to tonight, all signs were pointing to the name of the truck being “Cybertruck”, or “Cybrtrk”, according to trademark and logo findings last week. And with tonight’s event, no changes there, still called the Cybertruck.


Before tonights unveiling, Elon pointed out that the truck had to compete with the most popular truck on the market today, and he referenced the F-150 several times during the night. There was a lot of detail given out at tonight’s unveiling, so let’s break it down.

Length: 231.7in
Width: 79.8in
Height: 75.0in
Seats: 6
Bed: 6.5ft

Cybertruck dimensions

The body will be made of ultra-hard 30x cold-rolled stainless steel, the same alloy used for the Starship. During the event they demonstrated just how strong it is by taking a sledgehammer to it several times, without it leaving a dent or mark. They also showed video of it taking a 9mm bullet from a distance of 10 meters unscathed. Musk called it bulletproof to a 9mm bullet.

If the body is that strong, the glass has to be just as strong. The Cybertruck will feature what they are calling “Tesla Armor Glass”. This new product is actually a transparent metal with a flat geometry, giving it incredible strength. Or so Musk thought, until the biggest blooper of the night when a large metal ball was thrown at the windows to demonstrate the strength, only to have it break not once, but twice. Musk was clearly caught off-guard, as he instinctively responded “oh my fucking god”. That’s what you get when you’re dealing with live TV.

The Cybertruck will also feature adaptive air suspension, which will come standard on all Cybertrucks. This will allow you to adjust the ride height, allowing you to be efficient on the highway with a lower ride height, to being able to 4×4 with the highest clearance of any truck on the market today at 16″.

What’s a truck without a bed, except Tesla calls it the “Cybertruck Vault”. It is 6.5ft in length, has 100 cubic feet of storage, and can handle up to 3,500lbs of payload. The bed of the truck also features 110v and 220v outlets, allowing you to use your work tools out on the job all day. Since the truck also has adaptive air suspension, there is also a hookup for a pneumatic air compressor, so you don’t have to haul one around with you.

Trim Levels

The Cybertruck will come in three variants, the Single Motor RWD, Dual Motor AWD, and Tri Motor AWD. No Canadian pricing has been listed yet, but we have published them as of today’s exchange rate to get an idea.

Single Motor RWD: $39,900USD ($53,012CAD)
Dual Motor AWD: $49,900USD ($66,298CAD)
Tri Motor AWD: $69,900USD ($92,870CAD)

All prices listed above are before any applicable incentives. The prices of the single motor and dual motor are definitely attractive prices if Tesla can deliver on them. There is currently no Canadian pricing listed.

Autopilot will be standard on all trim levels, and Full Self-Driving can be added to the order today for $7,000USD, or $9,200CDN.


The Cybertruck will keep up the Tesla tradition of crazy-fast acceleration, with the Tri Motor AWD reaching 60mph in just 2.9s, and the slowest single motor RWD option taking 6.5s to reach 60mph.

Towing Capacity

This is one area where Musk over-promised and under-delivered. Before tonight, Musk had said that the Cybertruck had to have at least a 300,000lb towing capacity. But the highest trim level, the Tro-Motor AWD has a rated towing capacity of just 14,000lbs+. Still an impressive towing capacity, but nowhere near was speculated. The single motor and dual motor will have estimated towing capacities of 7,500+ lbs and 10,000+ lbs respectively.


With the three trim levels, come three different ranges. The single motor will have a range of 250+ miles (400+ km), the dual motor will have a range of 300+ miles (482+ km), and the tri motor will have a massive range of 500+ miles (805+ km).

Reservation Date

You can reserve yours now at tesla.com/cybertruck for a fully refundable deposit of $100USD or $150CDN.

Release Date

According to Tesla’s website, production will begin in late 2021, with production of the single and dual motor variants. The tri motor Cybertruck won’t begin production until late 2022, a full 3 years from today.

What do you think of the design? Have you placed your order for a Cybertruck?

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