Toronto Tesla Supercharger goes online at Hotel X [Ontario]

Just three weeks after it was discovered under construction, the newest Ontario Tesla Supercharger has been turned on.

The new station can be found at Toronto’s Hotel X near the city’s Liberty Village, and features 12 V3 Superchargers. Surprisingly this is the first V3 station in Canada’s biggest city. In addition to the Superchargers there are also 11 Tesla Destination chargers and 4 universal EV chargers.

The Superchargers were turned on today with the first owner plugging in on Thursday afternoon according to a photo posted to the Tesla Motors Club forum.

Toronto V3 Supercharger
Image via gbertsch /TMC

Unlike most V3 Superchargers which are located in outdoor parking lots, this one is located on the south side of Level B1 in the underground parking lot at 111 Princes’ Blvd. As a result, there is an additional cost of $7 per hour for parking, or $3.50 if your stay is 30 minutes or less.

With charging speeds of up to 250kW, 30 minutes should be enough time for the majority of charging sessions.

This is the fourth Supercharger to open this year in Ontario, and the first since the Orangeville Supercharger opened in March. Other locations in Ontario set to receive a new Supercharger this year include Bracebridge, Brockville, Goderich, and another in Toronto (Don Mills).

Tesla focus in 2021 has been centered on British Columbia with 7 locations under construction or waiting to be turned on.

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