New Tesla Supercharger under construction at Toronto’s Hotel X

Toronto’s first V3 Supercharger is under construction at Hotel X, near the city’s Liberty Village. A total of 12 stalls are under construction on the south side of Level B1 in the parking garage.

Parking costs $7/hour with a daily maximum of $30, making it cheaper than the Supercharger at the Toronto Eaton Centre which is usually priced at $10.50/hour. On top of that, this new Supercharger charges at 250kW, compared to just 72kW at the Eaton Centre

Photos obtained by Drive Tesla show electrical wires coming out of the stalls, although most of the construction work seems to be complete. There are also some setups for Destination chargers on the right side of the photo below.

Tesla was targeting a Q2 opening for the Liberty Village Supercharger, but it will clearly not be ready in a few days. It looks like electrical work could finish in a few weeks, and the site could open sometime in late July or early August.

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