McDonald’s now offering delivery direct to Tesla Supercharger stalls in Firebaugh, California

McDonalds Tesla Supercharger Firebaugh
Image via Raul /Twitter

While work continues at Firebaugh to convert an adjacent building into a convenience store and coffee shop, McDonald’s is taking advantage of its proximity to North America’s largest Supercharger to offer Tesla owners a unique service.

Located directly next to the massive Supercharger station, the fast-food restaurant is now allowing customers to “Recharge with McDonald’s, while you recharge your Tesla.”

Spotted by Raul on Twitter, Tesla drivers can place an order using the McDonald’s mobile app. Instead of entering a curbside number, you can enter your Supercharger stall number to have your order delivered directly to your car.

Late last year Tesla opened what was at the time the largest Supercharger station in the world in Firebaugh, California. At 56-stalls, it beat out the previous title holder in nearby Kettleman City.

While Kettleman City only has a measly 40 stalls in comparison, it does have what may be one of the best lounges and coffee shops at any Supercharger location.

Kettleman City
Image via imgur

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