Tesla opens Canada’s first pull-through Supercharger station in Manning Park [British Columbia]

Tesla has opened a new Supercharger station in Manning Park, British Columbia. This isn’t your ordinary Supercharger station however, as it is the first in Canada built entirely with pull-through stalls.

Construction of the Manning Park Supercharger began at some point last year, but due to its remote location was not discovered until late December, at which point it was already fully built.

As is typical with most Supercharger installations, the site sat idle for several months waiting for a final connection to the grid, which according to the official Tesla Charging account on X, happened this morning.

The Manning Park Supercharger does show as open on Tesla’s website, but has not appeared on the in-car navigation or the mobile app, so we don’t know yet much it costs to plug in.

The Manning Park Supercharger is located in the parking lot of the Manning Park Resort (7500 BC-3) along the Crowsnest Hwy, and features 12 V3 Supercharger posts, all of which are designed as pull-through stalls. This unique design will make Supercharging while towing much easier, eliminating the need to either unhitch the trailer or take up multiple spots while charging.

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The site will serve a convenient charging stop for those camping at the resort or the provincial park, which has four drive-in campgrounds. It will also be a useful stop for those travelling from the lower mainland to Princeton along Hwy 3.

Right next to the Superchargers are two 180kW/50kW BC Hydro DC fast chargers.

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