Four V3 Superchargers have opened today in Northern Ontario

Tesla supercharger

It’s finally happening, as four V3 Superchargers have officially opened today in Canada, closing a significant gap in the Trans-Canada Highway Supercharger network in northern Ontario.

Last week it was reported that the V3 Superchargers in North Bay and Sault Ste. Marie were open, but it appeared they only had limited power for testing, and were shut down soon thereafter.

Now those V3 Superchargers, and two more in Baldwin (Espanola) and Blind River, have officially opened at full power, according to Tesla’s online and in-car Supercharger map. The North Bay Supercharger features 8 V3 stalls, while the others all have 6 stalls each. These are the first V3 Superchargers to open outside of the United States.

V3 Supercharging allows Tesla owners to charge at up to 250kW, meaning at full power you will be able to charge at up 1,600km/h, or regain 120km of range in just 5 minutes.

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