Tesla lowers price of Model Y in Canada, raises Model 3/Y prices in the US [Update]

Tesla has once again tinkered with the prices of its vehicles by raising the price of the Model 3 and Model Y in the US. In an unusual turn compared to other recent price changes, they have also lowered the price of the Model Y in Canada at the same time.

Model Y Price Drop in Canada

Even though Tesla has changed the price of the Model Y in the US multiple times this year, the Canadian Design Studio has remained at the same prices since last year.

On Thursday night the automaker changed that by lowering the price of the Long Range (LR) Model Y in Canada by $1,390 to $68,600. The price of the Performance Model Y remained the same at $83,990.

Along with the price update, the estimated delivery dates for the LR variant have also been removed.

This now brings the price of the LR variant in Canada to within less than $1,000 of the price in the US when taking the exchange rate into account.

Model Y price Canada

UPDATE #1: It appears this may be a glitch/error on Tesla’s website, or they haven’t updated all parts of the website yet.

As pointed out by Drive Tesla reader @tdot_hill, once you configure your vehicle the price is back to $69,990.

The $1,390 price difference is the same amount as the destination and documentation fee, air conditioning fee, and OMVIC fee.

Interestingly the price has not changed for the Performance variant. This is more visible on the mobile version of the website, as seen in the images below.

We will keep updating this article as we learn more.

UPDATE#2: It appears this was a glitch, Tesla has made an update to put the price back to the original $69,990 in all areas of the website.


Model 3/Y Price Increases in the US

Unfortunately the news is not as good for potential Tesla owners south of the border. The LR variants of both the Model 3 and Model Y have been increased by $1,000 to start at $49,990 and $53,990 respectively. As in Canada, delivery wait times have also been removed for the LR Model Y in the US.

Model 3

  • Long Range – $48,990 to $49,990 (+$1,000)
  • Performance – $60,990 (no change)

Model Y

  • Long Range – $52,990 to $53,990 (+$1,000)
  • Performance – $60,990 (no change)

With this most recent round of price changes, the last one occurring just one month ago, the LR Model Y is now $4,000 more expensive than it was earlier this year.

The onslaught of price increases is likely due to the unprecedented demand the automaker is seeing for their vehicles. According to estimates on the Design Studio, the entire supply of vehicles slated for Q3 production are already sold, and customers can expect to wait as long as until November to receive their new cars.


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