Tesla Supercharger Update: V3 performance bump to 324kW, Non-Tesla Supercharger pilot expansion, and more

Tesla has some big plans in store for their Supercharger network in 2022 and beyond, including a large increase in charging speeds, increasing 3rd party access to the network, and more.

V3 Supercharger Speeds

The V3 Superchargers are currently capable of charging cars at up to 250kW. Elon Musk said in July last year they plan to unlock additional power in these Superchargers, bringing the top charging speed up to 300kW.

It appears as though the engineers were able to squeeze out a little more power than Musk was hoping for.

According to information received by Tesla enthusiast Sawyer Merritt, the automaker plans to increase V3 Supercharging speeds to 324kW in the third quarter of this year.

Merritt added that these new charging speeds will be achieved with V3 Superchargers, and the next generation V4 Superchargers will be released soon after.

However, based on information received by Supercharger aficionado and Drive Tesla contributor Marco, V3 Superchargers are actually capable of up to 370kW.

It could be the case that Tesla wants to obtain real-world data on how these increased charging speeds impact owners before unleashing the full potential at a later date.

We were able to confirm the planned increase in speeds with one of our sources, who provided us with a lot more information on projects the Tesla Charging team is currently working on.

Non-Tesla Supercharger Pilot Expansion

After years of rumours, Tesla finally opened up their Supercharger network to all electric vehicles (EVs) last year with a pilot program limited to 10 stations in the Netherlands.

The pilot appears to have been a success. Tesla is planning to expand the program to additional markets before the end of the first quarter of this year. Unfortunately our source does not which markets those will be, but they will likely be other countries in Europe that use the CCS charging standard.

Supercharger “Magic Dock” Pilot

Also in the third quarter of this year, Tesla plans to launch a new pilot program called “Magic Dock.”

The information we have on this program is limited, but what we do know is that the Magic Dock will be a built-in adapter that will allow third party access at select Supercharger locations.

With the adapter, the stall will feature just one cable but be able to plug in to both Teslas and other EVs.

CCS Adapter Launch in North America

The latest information we have on the highly anticipated CCS adapter is that Tesla is currently working on optimizing the software and plans to launch it in North America early in the second quarter of the year.

It is currently only available in South Korea, although some owners have been able to bring it to Canada.

Tesla unlocked the ability to use it in the 2021.40.6 software update, and early tests at a Petro-Canada station showed promising charging speeds compared to the bulky CHAdeMO adapter.

If anyone has any more information on the Magic Dock pilot program, or anything else Tesla and Supercharger related, please reach out to us at tips@driveteslacanada.ca.

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