Peterborough, Ontario Tesla Supercharger now open

In what may be a new record for fastest construction, the new Tesla Superchargers in Peterborough, Ontario are now open. Construction of the 7-stall Supercharger station was first spotted in late June. Now according to photos posted to TMC, the switch has already been flipped and is at full power, unlike some recent Supercharger openings in Canada.

Tesla Supercharger Peterborough charging screen

Not only is it pushing 250kW already, it is also showing as open in the in-car navigation.

Peterborough Tesla Supercharger on navigation

They’re so new they are apparently still wrapped in plastic, but are clearly operational. The site features 8 stalls of Tesla’s newest V3 Superchargers. It is located at Landsdowne Mall at 645 Landsdowne St W.

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