More tests show Tesla CCS adapter can reach charging speeds above 100kW

After a very long wait Tesla finally released a CCS adapter in South Korea last week. We reported on one of the first tests of the new adapter which showed less than impressive charging speeds of between 60kW to 70kW.

While that was more than the 50kW CHAdeMO adapter, it was still well below the rated capacity of the adapter which should be able to handle up to 150kW in ideal conditions.

As more owners receive begin to receive them, we are seeing more tests that show it can charge more than twice as fast as the CHAdeMO adapter.

The YouTube channel Tesla in Korea recently posted a lengthy video where they tested the CCS adapter at 8 different charging stations. They also used three different cars, including a 2019 Model 3 SR+, 2021 Model 3 Long Range (LR), and a 2017 Model S 90D.

In the eight tests, the highest charging speed of 108kW was achieved with the LR Model 3 at a 350kW charging station.

108kw ccs
Image via Tesla in Korea /YouTube

Other tests showed speeds ranging from a low of 38kW at a 48kW charger to 74kW plugged in to a 100kW charger.

The adapter is so far only available in South Korea, but Tesla says it will be coming to North America “soon.”

If it wasn’t going to be already, these results will definitely make it a top-seller when it arrives.

You can watch the full video (in Korean) below.

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