CCS adapter lands in South Korean Tesla Shop ahead of schedule

Earlier this month Tesla announced to owners in South Korea that the long-awaited CCS adapter would finally launch this month.

According to an email sent to owners on October 7, the adapter would first be available to those with “preferred preferential purchase tickets” on October 19, before releasing it to all owners on October 26.

It appears as though they were able to accelerate those plans as the adapter is now available for purchase on the Tesla Shop in South Korea. (h/t: Jasmin)

The CCS Combo 1 Adapter is listed for sale at a price of ₩299,200, which works out to $312 CAD or $250 USD, the same price mentioned in the email earlier this month.

Experience more fast charging options with the Tesla CCS Combo 1 adapter compatible with third-party charging networks,” Tesla says in the product description.

CCS adapter Image via Tesla

We were able to get as far as the checkout stage, and did not come across anything requiring a special ticket to make the purchase.

ccs adapter cart

Despite the listing being available, Tesla does not seem to have all the production information available just yet. The biggest piece of information missing is the maximum charge rate the adapter can handle.

UPDATE: Based on a translation of the product page, it says the adapter is 500 volts and 300 amps. This translates into a max charging rate of 150kW, but since Tesla Model 3/Y batteries go up to 400 volts, the actual charge rate will be closer to 120kW.

There is a link to a support page that is supposed to detail compatibility and other information, but the page only contains information for the CHAdeMO and J1772 adapters.

There is also a 1-page product manual in Korean, but it does not appear to contain that information.

We have also checked the North America Tesla Shops, and unfortunately the adapter is not yet available in Canada or the US.

UPDATE: The official @TeslaCharging Twitter account has now confirmed the adapter will be coming to North America “soon”

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