Tesla CCS adapter activated in North America with 2021.40.6 software update

Tesla released a new CCS adapter last month, but it was limited to owners in the South Korean market. Eager to have another option to charge their vehicles, several owners were able to bring the adapter to Canada and the US, but it did not work on DC fast chargers in North America.

That is no longer the case after one of our readers updated his Model Y vehicle software to 2021.40.6 last night and tested the adapter this morning on a 350kW Petro-Canada CCS charger in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Our reader tells us he was able to purchase the adapter on a recent trip to South Korea, and it hasn’t worked until today.

According to information provided to Drive Tesla, the Tesla CCS adapter reached peak speeds of 110kW, before tapering to between 77kW and 90kW for most of the charging session.

The state of charge at the beginning of the session was 36%, and was up to 42% (+6%) after 2 minutes of charging with the CCS adapter.

After it was launched in South Korea, Tesla said the adapter would be coming to North America “soon”. Hopefully this is a good sign that it could arrive before the end of the year.

Not every Tesla owner will be able to use it though. In another recent software update, Tesla added information to show if your vehicle has the required hardware for the adapter to work with your car.

So far it appears that late 2019 or early 2020 built cars will be able to support the CCS adapter.

More tests show Tesla CCS adapter can reach charging speeds above 100kW

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