Tesla Cybertruck Alpha prototype arrives at Giga Texas for likely unveil during earnings call

cybertruck arrives
Credit: Joe Tegtmeyer/ YouTube

We have so far seen a few images and a walk-around video of the new Cybertruck. Early reports indicated the electric truck was spotted at Giga Texas, even though the factory is currently only producing Model Y SUVs.

We now know the new Cybertruck Alpha prototype was likely built in California, after it was spotted being unloaded out the back of a transport truck at Giga Texas on Sunday afternoon.

Unfortunately drone operator Joe Tegtmeyer didn’t notice the sleek front end peeking out of the truck, so we don’t get to actually see it being offloaded and driving under its own power.

The natural question after seeing this is why would Tesla send the latest prototype to Giga Texas? The likely answer is because that is where Tesla is planning to hold their earnings call on Wednesday this week.

Not only will Tesla’s financial results be revealed, but Elon Musk will also be giving a product roadmap update. During that update we will learn more about the launch and hopefully pricing of the Cybertruck, and likely also get to see all the new features that have been added since it was first unveiled in 2019.

The earnings calls are usually audio only, and Tesla’s Investor Relations website does not say if it will include a video stream as well.

Given how much information is expected to be revealed during the call, and with the arrival of the Cybertruck, it seems more than likely that it will.

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