Tesla is running the most productive assembly plant in the US

Tesla Fremont factory
Credit: Tesla

According to a report by Bloomberg, Tesla’s Fremont factory is now the most productive auto factory in the United States.

The company produced an average of 8,550 vehicles a week.

The new title comes as Tesla beat out legacy automakers across the country in production. Second place for the year was Toyota’s Georgetown, Kentucky factory, which produced 8,427 cars per week.

Rounding out the top three was BWM’s Spantenburg hub in South Carolina, which assembled 8,343 vehicles per week.

These numbers come from Bloomberg’s analysis of production data from over 70 manufacturing facilities within the US.

What is surprising is Tesla is producing these numbers in a janky overflowing production facility. The Fremont plant is not a Tesla design. They have done wonders updating it, but the production layout limits the number of cars off the line.

With its output, Tesla is the tenth biggest auto manufacturer in the United States. However, things are about to ramp up for Tesla in the US and globally.

Tesla is set to open two new production facilities in 2022. One in Berlin and one in Austin, Texas.

These purpose-built facilities include the latest tech and long stretches of uninterrupted manufacturing lines, unlike Fremont seen above.

With the design, the assembly lines are going to be fast. For instance, once fully operational, Giga Texas could produce as many as 19,000 vehicles per week.

At least to say, there will probably be a new, most productive assembly plant in the US in 2022, and it will probably be in Texas.

Take a peek inside Giga Texas as production inches closer [Video]

Source: Bloomberg

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