Second Merritt Tesla Supercharger Now Live [British Columbia]

The second B.C. Supercharger of the week has just been activated in the small city of Merritt. 8 V3 stalls are now available, just one block from the existing Supercharger at the Best Western.

Although it is not confirmed that anyone has charged at the new location yet, the 250kW Supercharger is indeed appearing on the in-car navigation.

UPDATE: One of our readers sent us this photo of three cars plugged in and charging.

Merritt Supercharger
Image: submitted

Another 8-stall Supercharger was activated 2 days ago in Invermere at the Crossroads Esso. By the looks of it, Tesla is rushing to activate as many Superchargers as possible before the end of the quarter, one week from now.

The technician is most likely heading up BC-97 to finish the Superchargers along that corridor in Prince George, Williams Lake, and Quesnel.

The new Merritt Supercharger will be a welcome addition for Tesla owners who frequently experience long waits at the original location, especially during the summer when driving between Vancouver and Kelowna and Kamloops.

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