La Tuque Supercharger now open [Quebec]

Tesla owners in Quebec have a new Supercharger after the station in La Tuque was turned on last night.

The La Tuque Supercharger is located in the parking near the IGA at 547 Rue St Louis, about three hours north of Quebec City.

The site features 8 V3 stalls, capable of charging at speeds up to 250kW. One of the first owners to plug in to the new Supercharger last night was Denis Tremblay, who had spoken with a Tesla technician earlier in the day who had been working to commission the site.

The work was successful and a few hours later Tremblay was able to plug in his Model 3, although with a nearly full battery his charging speeds weren’t very high.

With the activation of the Supercharger in La Tuque, that hopefully means the two other stations currently waiting to be turned on in Quebec will go live soon.

Both the Berthierville and Saint-Jérôme Superchargers started construction back in August, and have since been completed pending final connection to the grid.

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