Tesla 2021.32.21 Software Update & Release Notes


Tesla has begun deploying their latest software update, 2021.32.21, to vehicles this afternoon, September 24, 2021.

The first vehicle detected with the new software was a Model 3 in Germany, according to update tracker Tesla Tip.


UPDATE: After a long drought, Tesla Vision cars are now receiving this update on September 27, 2021. Since they have gone a few months without an update the release notes will likely contain more than what is included below. We will update this article when the release notes are available.

Here are the release notes for Vision cars. The update was a big one at over 7GB since it included several versions, but nothing new that hasn’t already been seen in cars equipped with radar.

  • 2021.32.21
  • 2021.32
    • New Language Support (Greek)
  • 2021.24
    • Mirror Auto Dim
    • Dashcam Improvements
    • Range Display
    • Remain Connected to WiFi in Drive
    • New Language Support (Hungarian, Romanian, Russian)
  • 2021.12.25
    • Sky Force Reloaded

Tesla was planning to release V10.1 of the Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta software at some point today, but given this update is appearing first in Germany it is unlikely this contains the coveted FSD button.

Keep checking back, we will update this article when the release notes are available.

UPDATE: Unfortunately there is nothing new in this update, just the same Immersive Sound improvements seen recently.