Quesnel Tesla Supercharger found under construction and near completion [British Columbia]


A new 8-stall Tesla Supercharger is under construction in the Quesnel, British Columbia. According to a Tesla Motors Club member, the station is being built at Walmart at 890 Rita Rd (this hasn’t been confirmed yet). Work on the site looks to be complete and it seems to be waiting for power.

Judging by what is visible in the photo, this site looks like a pre-assembled Supercharger, which would make it the first of its kind in Canada.

UPDATE: Here is a better picture of the Quesnel Supercharger station thanks to Drive Tesla reader Andrew Krysgveld.

This is now the third of four Superchargers under construction that will complete the connection to northern BC and Prince George.

The Quesnel Supercharger is located approximately 125 km (80mi) from the Williams Lake Supercharger, also nearing completion. Cache Creek is also under construction, and construction is expected to begin soon at 3030 Recplace Dr in Prince George.

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