Tesla Semi delivers prefabricated Superchargers to Laguna Seca

Tesla has been extensively testing their Semi over the last few weeks. The electric truck has been spotted several times undergoing long range testing on California highways, as well as at public events in Michigan.

In those sightings, and in many before it, the Semi was not hauling a trailer or any cargo, but the latest sighting shows Tesla is now testing the hauling capacity of the electric truck as well.

Over the weekend a Semi was spotted arriving at Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca. Making the sighting unusual the Semi was carrying two sets of prefabricated Superchargers that are set to be installed at the racetrack. (h/t: @MarcoRPTesla)

UPDATE 11:40am PST: The official Tesla Charging Twitter account has now shared this video of the Semi delivering the Superchargers.

If the Semi left the Fremont factory loaded with the Superchargers, the trip would have covered roughly 84 miles along U.S. 101, giving Tesla plenty of data on how the electric truck performed with some cargo.

We have known about the Laguna Seca Supercharger plans since last year after we discovered a permit for the 8-stall installation at 1021 Monterey Salinas.

Since Tesla decided to use prefabricated Superchargers at the racetrack, they could be open very soon. In a video earlier this year Tesla showed it can take as little as 8 days to get a station up and running. However it all depends on how quickly they can be connected to existing utilities, as the prefabricated Superchargers in New Minas, Nova Scotia, which were installed in October last year, are still waiting to be turned on.

After several delays, Tesla is planning on bringing the Semi to production next year, alongside the Roadster and the Cybertruck. The automaker started limited production of some test units at Giga Nevada last year which were expected to be delivered to PepsiCo. Those plans changed however, and those units are the ones that we have seen being tested in recent weeks, and according to our information Tesla is currently building additional units for PepsiCo, also at Giga Nevada.

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