Tesla shares footage of 8-day prefabricated Supercharger install in Brooksville, Florida

The official Tesla Charging Twitter account has shared a time-lapse video this morning showing how quickly a Supercharger station can be built using their new prefabricated installation method, but only when the utility company work in tandem with the construction crew.

Construction kicked off on day 1 with crews excavating the land behind the parking stalls. By day 4 the three banks of 4-stall Superchargers arrive on the back of a transport truck, ready to be placed on the ground and connected to the utilities.

Work continues over the next three days to make the final connections, test the Superchargers, and repave and repaint the parking lot, with all work being completed in just 8 days.

This is not only significantly faster than the typical time it takes to build a Supercharger (30+ days), but it is also much cheaper for Tesla.

But as we noted above, the prefabricated installation method is only as quick as the utility company is in making the connections to the grid.

Tesla installed the first prefabricated Supercharger in Canada in New Minas, Nova Scotia in October 2021. Four months later and it is still sitting idle waiting for the final connections and certification.

Tesla brings prefabricated Superchargers to Canada

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