Tesla Semi job postings appear for Giga Nevada

Now that the clock has ticked over and we’re officially into 2021, we can say after years of delays the Tesla Semi should be delivered this year.

Strengthening the case for deliveries beginning this year, Tesla has published job postings at Giga Nevada for the Semi truck project.

The job postings follows rumours just days earlier that up to four prototypes of the Semi were being built at the Gigafactory in the Nevada desert. According to @carsonight on Twitter, these prototype trucks will be built with the current generation 2170 battery cells, with each being built for specific testing scenarios.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said last year the Semi will be built at Giga Texas, which is scheduled to open in the middle part of 2021. Musk also stated the Semi would use the new 4680 battery cells, but since Tesla only has a pilot production line of the new cells in Fremont right now, it makes sense these would be built with the current generation cells.

These won’t be the first Semi prototypes that have been built. Tesla has been testing with several units since it was first announced in 2017, sometimes making appearances to help deliver vehicles at the end of quarters. A silver semi was recently spotted on the roads near San Jose and captured on video by a Drive Tesla reader.

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