Giga Texas production ramp increases with addition of Model Y Long Range variant

giga texas
Credit: @JoeTegtmeyer | Twitter

Tesla began deliveries of the Model Y Long Range variant built at Giga Texas yesterday, adding to the Standard Range variant with 4680 cells and a structural battery pack that has been delivering to employees and customers since the factory officially opened in April.

With the addition of the new variant, Tesla has reportedly been able to significantly increase production at the new factory just a few months after opening.

According to sources familiar with the production ramp at Giga Texas that spoke with Electrek, Tesla is now producing several thousand cars per week. The figures range from at least 2,000 cars per week to as many as 5,000 cars per week, although it is unclear if the higher end of that range is a sustainable rate of production at this stage of the factory’s growth.

In recent drone flyovers of the factory, the staging area for new vehicles has been unusually busy, with hundreds of new cars lining up waiting to be hauled away to delivery centers across the eastern half of the US. Just yesterday Jeff Roberts spotted six car carriers being loaded up with new Model Ys.

If the figures are accurate, it would provide a boost to Tesla’s delivery figures for what has been a difficult quarter. Giga Shanghai was shut down for three weeks, and with a limited number of staff allowed to return to work it took several more weeks for the factory to ramp up to full capacity.

On the other hand, Tesla’s other new factory in Germany has also been ramping production. Earlier this month Giga Berlin set a new milestone by production 1,014 cars in a single week, an achievement that was celebrated by Elon Musk on Twitter.

We have reached out to our sources to verify the claims above and will update this article if we are able to.

Source: Electrek

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