Tesla Cybertruck, Semi, and Roadster to enter production in 2023

2023 is shaping up to be Tesla’s biggest year. With four Gigafactories running at full steam, CEO Elon Musk says the automaker will bring three new electric vehicles (EVs) into production next year.

After numerous delays, Musk says the trio of the Cybertruck, Semi, and Roadster will start rolling off production lines in 2023, calling it a “massive wave of new products.”

“Cybertruck is coming next year, we’ll be in production with the Cybertruck next year. We will be in production with the Roadster, and with Semi. That’s all coming.”

“This year is all about scaling up and next year there’s going to be a massive wave of new products.”

Musk has previously said the Cybertruck would “hopefully” be released in 2023, but these comments provide a much more definitive timeline.

For the Semi and Roadster, it will be the end of a long road of delays.

Both vehicles were revealed at the same event in 2017, with initial timelines targeting 2019 and 2020 release dates respectively.

Battery cell constraints have been the biggest roadblocks for the vehicles to enter production, but with production of the 4680 battery cell scaling up Tesla can finally bring these highly-anticipated EVs to market.

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