Tesla China releases their next Giga Principle video showcasing the power of OTA software updates

In Tesla China’s latest Giga Principle video, the company dives into the world of over-the-air (OTA) software updates and the benefits it brings to owners. The first Giga Principle video highlighted Tesla’s impressive safety record.

Over-the-air updates have become the standard for Tesla, and as the leaders in the automotive space, the video showcases what the technology can deliver to its vehicles.

The video starts out detailing the Model 3 Performance Track Mode update, which went live in 2018. The feature did not require hardware updates and was released to the public by changing and updating the software settings in the vehicle.

The video then goes through a series of Tesla owners talking about their favourite features that have been updated over the years.


The video tries to connect OTA updates with the vehicle being more than a car, but a mobile smart terminal. However, as a smart terminal, it is ever-evolving and on the path to perfection.

In addition to this mantra, the video looks to cement that Tesla owners do not need to buy the latest car as they get all of the features of the next generation through OTA updates.

Plus, with the updates, Tesla can maximize the existing hardware onboard to bring a better driving experience.

At least to say this is an interesting video, and although we learn nothing new, it is a good piece for new and potential Tesla customers to understand the power of the OTA update a little better.

You can watch the full video down below.


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