Tesla releases new video to showcase Camp Mode

Tesla has released a new video on its YouTube channel to showcase one of the car’s unique features – Camp Mode.

First released in Tesla’s 2019 holiday software update, Camp Mode allows you to “turn your car into a comfortable cabin.”

Simply turn on the feature in the climate controls and you can maintain cabin temperature, interior lighting, play music, keep your mobile devices powered up, all while using less power from the car’s battery.

You can also use another unique Tesla feature to add to the ambiance of your camping trip – Romance Mode.

camp mode romance mode
Credit: Tesla /YouTube

Camp Mode has been extensively tested , especially in cold climates by inteprid YouTubers who have braved temperatures well below zero to see how much the car’s battery drains overnight – all in the name of science.

How much energy is consumed sleeping overnight in a Tesla Model Y at -22°C [Video]

Camp Mode also has an easter egg – if you look closely, you might find a Cybertruck silhouette.

You can check out the full video below.

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