Tesla China releases Go Giga | Tesla Giga Principle of Safety video

After a wave of bad publicity, recalls, and other issues in China, Tesla China released a video to explore the Tesla Giga Principle of Safety.

The company used Gigafactory Shanghai as the backdrop of the video.

As per the video, Tesla reiterates that its top priority has always been safety. It starts nothing that all of Tesla’s vehicles received a five-star crash test rating. Then, Tesla engineers take over.

The video discusses how Tesla’s body is made and how the specific crumple zones within the vehicle work. They continue to describe the front, side and roof construction. Further to this, they explain how Tesla builds its bodies with safety in mind. In addition, the engineers briefly discuss the safety restraints and airbags in the vehicle.

The video explains that Tesla has its own crash lab to test real-life scenarios from data collected from previous Tesla crashes.

The video was released on Tesla Greater China’s YouTube channel and Twitter feed.

By the looks of it, there will be at least another Go Giga video release, as this video is Part 1.

You can check out the video for yourself here:


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