Tesla Sentry Mode captures incredible footage of Uxbridge, Ontario’s EF2 tornado [Videos]

Sentry Mode on a Tesla Model 3 was able to capture some incredible footage of a destructive EF2 tornado that touched down in Uxbridge, Ontario last weekend.

The Model 3 owner, who shared the videos on the Canada subreddit, was inside the Second Wedge Brewery when the tornado hit on Saturday, May 21.

Video from the right side repeater cam shows what looks to be a regular, calm Saturday afternoon in Uxbridge. About 30 seconds in and the trees in the background start to sway in a breeze and rain starts hitting the SUV parked next to the Tesla.

Then within seconds the trees disappear in a huge gust of wind, and debris starts flying wildly through the air. Both side windows of the nearby SUV get blown out, and just as quickly as it started, the tornado that packed winds as high as 195km/h (121mph) passes through the parking lot and calm returns.

The owner says the Model 3 survived with just a cracked windshield, and that he would have been safer had he been in his car since the roof of the brewery collapsed onto him during the tornado and that he was lucky to get out alive.

Drone footage taken after the tornado tore through the town shows he wasn’t exaggerating, as we can see the collapsed roof of the brewery, and the white Model 3 parked nearby in the parking lot.

What makes this video interesting is that it is the second time Sentry Mode has captured footage of a tornado in Ontario. Last year a Model X captured another EF2 tornado in Barrie that had winds as high as 210km/h (130mph).

You can watch all four videos from each of the Model 3s Sentry Mode cameras below.

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