Tesla’s new Blind Spot Camera in action [Video]

blind spot camera

One of the features that should be included in this year’s holiday software update is the addition of a new Blind Spot Camera.

We learned the feature was set to be included when the release notes of the update, which is currently being tested by employees, leaked earlier this week.

One of those employees testing out the software is from China, who shared a short video of the Blind Spot Camera in action.

According to the 4-second clip, first posted on xiaote.com and later shared to Reddit, the side-repeater camera is displayed underneath the car visualization when the turn signal is activated.

The video also gives us a look at the redesigned user interface while driving. The location of icons and driving information has been rearranged and shifted to the top of the display.

The Autopilot icon has also been made smaller to fit the top status bar.

A better photo of the new layout was shared by Teslascope on Twitter.

Tesla Cybertruck spotted with side ...
Tesla Cybertruck spotted with side mirrors and rear wheel steering (Original, High Quality)

We learned earlier this afternoon that the public release of the holiday update should begin Wednesday evening.

At the same time, the next version of FSD Beta will also be released in the United States.

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