Tesla launches Standard Range Model Y in China

If the Tesla Model Y wasn’t popular enough in China already, it is about to get a big boost. The automaker has added the Standard Range (SR) variant to its lineup in the country, and positioned it at a very competitive price point that makes it eligible for local incentives.

According to the online Design Studio, the SR Model Y is available for ¥276,000* ($53,300 CAD). As Tesla is known to do in other regions, the asterisks shows that is the price before the incentive of ¥15,840 ($3,000 CAD), meaning the actual price is ¥291,840 ($56,300 CAD).

SR Model Y China

For that price, you get 525km of range on a full charge. That is considerably more than the 402km (249 miles) range listed for the entry-level SUV when it was available in North America earlier this year, and the ultimate reason CEO Elon Musk decided to discontinue it.

The reason behind the higher is like because of the different rating schedule (EPA vs NEDC). The different standard mean the EPA figure is always much more conservative and realistic. For comparison, the LR Model Y is listed as having a 594km in China vs 525km in North America.

Customers who place an order now can expect deliveries in China to begin next month.

The SR Model Y was first launched in North America in January. The reaction was extremely positive, with the electric SUV “flying off the shelves”, particularly in Canada. But it didn’t last long.

One month later, and 4 days after a price drop, the entry-level Model Y was removed from the Design Studio. Musk later confirmed it was shelved due to the low range, which he said was below Tesla’s “standard of excellence.”

It had remained in the shadows until just last week, when it was added to Tesla’s website in Hong Kong.

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