Standard Range Tesla Model Y disappears from online Design Studio, Long Range gets price drop in the U.S. [Update]

In an unexpected move, Tesla has removed the Standard Range (SR) Model Y from the online Design Studio. At the same time, the Long Range (LR) variant received a $1,000 price drop in the US.

The change happened late last night, just over one month after the electric SUV was first announced. It wasn’t limited to Canada, with the removal of the SR Model Y happening in all markets. Tesla has so far given no official explanation for the change.

ModelY design studio

UPDATE #1: A Sales Advisor in Toronto has confirmed to Drive Tesla reader Darci that existing customers will have their orders delivered, but the SR Model Y has been discontinued.

Tesla email

UPDATE #2: It looks like there may be some conflicting information. According to some Drive Tesla readers in Vancouver, they are being told their orders will not be fulfilled. We’ll keep updating this article as we learn more.

UPDATE #3: Tesla Vancouver has now changed their position, saying they didn’t read the instructions from Tesla HQ and existing orders will be fulfilled.

Prices remained unchanged for the LR and Performance variants of the Model Y in Canada. That wasn’t the case in the US, where the LR Model Y is now $1,000 cheaper, starting at $48,990 USD.

US Model Y prices

The change in price follows others just four days ago, where Tesla lowered the price of the SR Model Y by $2,000 to start at $39,990 USD.

Could this mean the long awaited introduction of the LR RWD Model Y?

We have reached out to our contacts at Tesla to find out why the SR Model Y has been removed from the Design Studio. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

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