Tesla set to begin taking orders for the Model Y in Hong Kong this week


Tesla is reportedly planning to open up the Design Studio and begin taking orders for the Model Y in Hong Kong before the end of the week. The launch will mark the first time the electric SUV has been offered in a right-hand drive (RHD) configuration.

According to information posted on the Hong Kong customs website, orders for the Model Y will launch on Friday, July 2. When it does, it will be available in three different variants, meaning a return of the Standard Range (SR) Model Y.

The sub-400km range EV was discontinued in North America earlier this year after only being available for less than one month.

Pricing will be competitive, with the SR Model Y starting at $329,800 HKD ($52,600 CAD). The Long Range and Performance variants will each start at $377,800 HKD ($60,200 CAD) and $419,800 HKD ($66,900 CAD) respectively. (via The Driven)

Customers who place orders for the Model Y on Friday will have a relatively short wait. Deliveries are expected to begin in September. The cars will likely come from Giga Shanghai, which has already been manufacturing RHD Model 3s.

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