Sandy Munro’s first look at the fit and finish of the Tesla Model Y before the teardown begins

Sandy Munro has received his red Tesla Model Y that will be part of his livestream teardown in the coming days. But before it gets taken apart, he has given us his first impressions of the fit and finish of the electric SUV.

In the video, Munro describes that his first impression of the Model Y build quality was “that the car looked good”. He then uses his gap gauge to see if Tesla has improved the manufacturing process on the Model Y compared to the Model 3, which was notorious for body panel gap issues.

To start off with the good news, the front doors measurements are “absolutely the exact same dimensions”. The front door sills on the driver and passenger side were off by just 1 millimetre, something which the average person would never notice.

Munro says these measurements were a vast improvement over his early-build Model 3 measurements, where some of the gaps were large enough to fit his finger in.

On the not-so-great news, the power lift gate had some measurements that were off by as much as 3.5mm. Munro also looks at the measurements for the tail lights, lift gate roof rail, and lift gate to quarter panels.

The worst measurements came from his analysis of the tail lights to the body, which were off by as much as 6mm on one side.

Munro says that for an early production version of a vehicle, the measurements are “pretty good”, and is confident that Tesla will be fine-tuning the manufacturing process over the coming months to fix these issues.

Check out the full video below.

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