EPA confirms 21″ Arachnid wheels look great but are range killers on the Model S Plaid

Earlier this week the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) updated its website to include the range rating for the new refresh Model S Long Range.

With 19″ Tempest wheels the range increased slightly from its previous rating, making it the longest range Tesla has ever built.

Now the government agency has officially certified the Model S Plaid, but only with the optional 21″ Arachnid wheels. On a full charge the EPA says the world’s fastest production car will get 348 miles (560km) on a full charge.

Naturally the larger wheels had a drastic impact on the car’s efficiency. In city driving it gets a 102MPGe, while on the highway it does slightly worse with 99MPGe, for a combined rating of 101MPGe.

That is much lower than the LR which gets 120MPGe and 405 miles (651km) with 19″ wheels.

Model S Plaid EPA
Image via US EPA

This certification is slightly lower than Tesla was targeting. As we reported earlier this year, the estimated range on Tesla’s Design Studio was listed as 350 miles (563km) with the Arachnid wheels.

Even though the range numbers between the two configurations is significant, it is important to remember that even with 21″ wheels you will still get more than enough range for daily driving and road trips.

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