Standard Range Model Y figures added to Tesla’s website in Germany confirming it will soon launch in Europe

While there are still some Tesla fans holding out hope the Long Range Rear-Wheel Drive (LR RWD) Model Y will finally be built, the Standard Range (SR) Model Y seems to making a strong comeback.

After being discontinued in North America in February, the entry-level version of the electric SUV returned in China and Hong Kong this summer. Earlier today we also reported on a rumour that it might be built again at Fremont with a larger lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery pack.

Now the emissions and electricity consumption figures for the SR Model Y have been added to Tesla’s website in Germany, giving us the first official confirmation from the automaker it will also be coming to Europe.

The information relating to the SR Model Y, according to the German Passenger Car Energy Consumption Labeling Ordinance (Pkw-EnVKV),  is now listed along side the Long Range and Performance variants.

Tesla SR Y EnVKV

The publication of the figures comes after testing was completed in the Netherlands on July 30, 2021. According to documentation posted to the TFF-Forum, the vehicle that was tested contained the new 60kWh LFP battery from CATL.

SR Y certification Europe
Image via TFF-Forum

Despite the update, the SR Model Y has not been added to the German Design Studio for ordering just yet, or in any European country. There are no other indications when it might be added, or what the price will be when it does.

Given Tesla’s recent change to make Giga Shanghai their primary vehicle export hub, the SR Y could land in Europe from China later this year. There is also the possibility it could be built at Giga Berlin, which the company is hoping will start producing cars as early as October.

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