Fremont built Tesla Model 3/Y now include AMD Ryzen processor, 12V Li-Ion battery, and more [Update]

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Shortly after being introduced in China, Tesla Model 3 and Model Y cars being built at the Fremont factory have also received a few upgrades.

In early December Tesla China started deliveries of the Performance Model Y, which included a new AMD Ryzen processor.

AMD confirms Tesla Model S/X include their latest Ryzen processor and RDNA 2 GPU

The top-of-the-line electric SUV also came with an upgraded 12V Li-Ion battery to replace the traditional lead-acid battery.

Less than a month later and both changes have now made their way to North America, according to photos from a recent delivery shared by Teslascope.

Those weren’t the only two changes, as the cars now apparently also come with a new camera housing for the cameras on the front windshield. It is unclear at this time if there is any significance to this change, but we will likely learn more in the coming days.

UPDATE Dec 29 9:04am PST: We have been told by a source that the new camera housing is related to the addition of in-cabin radar. This change was first noted in testing documentation from the Netherlands last month, which listed all of the changes coming to the 2022 Model Y and Model 3. You can read more about the changes here.

We have followed up with Teslascope to find out where this delivery took place. Judging by the photo of the 12V Li-Ion battery which has ice on the windshield, it didn’t take place near Fremont.

UPDATE: According to Teslascope, this Model Y was delivered in Portland, Oregon.

If you have taken delivery of a new Model 3 or Model Y in the last few days, let us know if you have these new features in the comments below.

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